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it’s free… and online.. and i still cannot bring myself to watch it. last time i saw clips from the cove .. i cried constantly for weeks on end.. just thinking about what is going on and knowing i can do NOTHING to change the situation except raise awareness and tell everyone i know. (and even for that i am prosecuted by ppl i thought were friends…) – the price u pay for fighting for what you believe in)

if you think you can watch this and not feel broken… please watch it. i think we all should. to get the education our leaders and governments hide from us. ..only to protect the billions they are making from this industry.


“Spawn Again”

I have always loved this band.. the message in this song is incredibly important. I have recently been bashed and slandered by my own people from the island i was born and raised on.. for believing in what i believe. animal rights, political justice.

but those who stand up for what they believe in.. are those who will always come out on top.


I am deeply bothered by the news of dogs being burned alive in mobile incinerators in the the efforts of cleaning up their streets for the sake of euro-cup. Shame on the euro-cup organizers for allowing this? really? i thought we lived in a day and age where JUSTICE was something we fought for? I’m supposed to raise children in this world? it’s a damn shame. it is sickening.

If it were homeless people and children they were doing this to…. you TOO would be outraged !!!! but because it’s an animal you may not feel any compassion… if that is the case…shame on you too. we are all ‘god’s children are we not? we all bleed…we all feel pain…. educate yourselves and do the right thing. BOYCOTT this madness !!!! I have zero respect for the eurocup, soccer teams, managers, organizers, fans and the countries who condone this. I am DEEPLY saddened and bothered by this.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo… may you see the light and suffer accordingly for your actions.

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‎”City workers poisoned the dogs in front of children eyes, not uncommon in the vicinity of a playground.”

SIGN THE PETITION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!