Pineapples Pineapples !!!!

So… last saturday i was SOOOO happy to see pineapples in the grocery stores here in Amsterdam. I know.. I sound like I live in a cave.. but pineapples.. have been quite difficult to come by.. I was happy as … Continue reading

“Spawn Again”

I have always loved this band.. the message in this song is incredibly important. I have recently been bashed and slandered by my own people from the island i was born and raised on.. for believing in what i believe. animal rights, political justice.

but those who stand up for what they believe in.. are those who will always come out on top.

Healthy Dinners: Tomato & Lentil Stew w/Brown Rice

Healthy Dinners: Tomato & Lentil Stew w/Brown Rice

So i tried this the other night.. i got the original recipe from (i ADORE that site!! ) I am incredibly inspired by sooo many recipes on there…… to make them as they instruct and to try my own … Continue reading