Meet Alexis

Alexis was found on the streets of the half dutch/half french caribbean island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. She was found when she was a kitten and is now a full grown young lady who demands loving when and where she … Continue reading

New Paths: Creating that which I have always wanted.

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One of the shots from my most recent shoot with beautiful model Flory and new creative colleague, stylist and designer Gina. A little bit about the image, the dof/blur is created with the lenses My newest gear which i got … Continue reading

See in A New Way =)

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    yeah.. still loving my new gear =)

Amy Tribute

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  Amy Fan – A Tribute. I have been waiting a while to post these. Lyh did an amazing job of embodying one of her favourite artists. Extremely talented and the late Amy Winehouse. Model: Lyh || Make Up: @Magda kielb … Continue reading

Shooting with Isha

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sha , sexy

What a Handsome baby.. and Purty Mamma!

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Yesterday we had an awesome fun shoot ..with minor complications.. (babies !! ) they have a way of maniu;ating the set and your time.. but in the end we managed. We’ve a second session coming up. Looking forward. this time … Continue reading

my life: words

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Shooting Cho Ing

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Some more shots from our crazy fun fabric shoot… Model: Cho Ing Kuo || Styling: Xavier Long || Photography, Lighting, Retouching, Concept: Me Please do not use my images without asking.

Dreamy – Anushka Bella Shoot

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It was freezing cold.. not exactly warm summer weather. don’t be fooled by the lighting in the photos. My girl managed to make it look good. Shoot with Anushka is always fun.. a very strong talented young woman.. making her … Continue reading


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Sometimes I can’t put down the cam.. 😛 who can blame me. There is so much to be seen. These are some shots I took  few years back while on the highway..driving somewhere…during winter. I love the feel of the … Continue reading

Creatures Great and Small

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Just a few images taken at zoo’s in the Netherlands over the years. Most of these are from 2009 and 2010 at Artis and Blijdorp. This year we have a year membership (yay to my other half for buying me … Continue reading

Kumari Suraj

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“It was a glorious day of half nudity, bedroom windows, super heros, dodging rain and exploring a great city!! Alice and Wonderland!! Just got home. Thousand Tak for such a marvelous day! Sarina you made me feel wondeful thank you! ♥ … Continue reading

Snoozzy….We Love You!

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Our “kids” LOVE their new bed…all the way from Sint. Maarten Dutch West Indies cuz these things cost WAY more than they should here in Amsterdam. Thank You Auntie Suzy and Oma Philo. These are a few shots of them embracing … Continue reading

A Kitty Safe Haven

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133/365 Tiny Things

Back in the day, kids always thought i was nuts for tracking down little bunches of ants who would be working their bums off carrying around food, avoiding being stepped on, and doing their thing. I always found it amazing … Continue reading

Selfies and changes…

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I started out as a self portrait photographer…. People often ask me which genre i specialize in. I really and honestly don’t think of myself as a photographer who ‘specializes’ in anything… I take pictures. However….. I have learned that … Continue reading

Shooting Tina + Thor

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Had a shoot the other day with my ‘brotha from anotha motha” Thor aka Thirsty and his darling girlfriend…. with the hardcore tattoes hehe. just a few shots from our last minute 3 am shoot…. one day of recovering from … Continue reading

Sint. Maarten Sunsets

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Some images from my last trip to Sint. Maarten. These were taken at Maho Beach Area on my first day of arrival. Incredibly jet lagged i was but this sunset was too magical not to photograph =) prints are available … Continue reading

Shooting Roberto

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Skupina Eternity – Nova Gorica

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Pics taken at the GUAR FEST in Nova Gorica of the gothic metal band Eternity. Gig shots and Post Gig Shots. More Info On This band Here All text and images, unless otherwise noted, are subject to international copyright laws and … Continue reading