Pineapples Pineapples !!!!

So… last saturday i was SOOOO happy to see pineapples in the grocery stores here in Amsterdam. I know.. I sound like I live in a cave.. but pineapples.. have been quite difficult to come by.. I was happy as … Continue reading

Meet Alexis

Alexis was found on the streets of the half dutch/half french caribbean island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. She was found when she was a kitten and is now a full grown young lady who demands loving when and where she … Continue reading


So… it’s been 9 years since he left us… since he started dancing in the wind.. i believe that death makes us all angels.. it enlightens us all.. and it is not something to be sad about.. but rather .. … Continue reading

New Paths: Creating that which I have always wanted.

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One of the shots from my most recent shoot with beautiful model Flory and new creative colleague, stylist and designer Gina. A little bit about the image, the dof/blur is created with the lenses My newest gear which i got … Continue reading

11 Years…

LayneStaley358, a photo by RememberingDemri on Flickr. My Hero i found him when i was just 11 years old. and despite being on an island where everyone else was into all that urban and caribbean music     .. i … Continue reading


in regard to them wanting to censor me.. about MY island in the sun.. the one i love but cannot call home anymore as it is diseased by the corrupt…..

wanna judge me? go right ahead.. but i stand by my beliefs which is more than i can say for any so called ‘respected’ politicians on the island .. or police authority. their credibility is never questioned..but mine is? i am from there.. i have all rights to my opinion because i see the island going own the drain.. selling out..exploited… thousands of foreigners come to the island JUST to make make millions.. how little you ALL know !!!!! but i get bashed for so called ‘coming to sint maarten looking for work. really? do u think your almighty american dollar pans up to the euro right no? i don’t rake in the cash as so many of you believe.. and for certain that’s why some of you hate me and use this against me cuz you’re oh so afraid that i come there to take your money. don’t be afraid of me.. be afraid of all the damn investors and foreigners who come to the island to fill your ponds, sell out your leaders and sell out your land. YOUR LAND !! placing concrete where nature once was…? why? because your dirty politicians get cuts. it is very simple.

I am begged for shoots.. and i charge cuz i ain’t gonna work for free. i have expenses too. i take my ‘trips’ and work my ass off for YOU. and i get backlashed in return when the opportunity arises. great loyalty. thanks.

your own people selling you out.. selling out your land and your morale.. for what ? FOR THEIR BENEFIT!!!! but i am scrutinised and burned at the stake because i speak up against all the corruption and i don’t decorate the island with lies for all the tourists who go there to risk their lives. you ALL know the truth!!! and you all know i have always preached about these things. it’s no secret. i never made it one.

i will NEVER forget which of you Sint Maarteners showed me support and asked a question before accusing and threatening. i WILL remember all of you who were quick and happy to share the posts with your friends and judging me.. i will NEVER forget your names. trust me. i will remember the names of my clients who stayed true to me. and those of you who were the first to come reprimanding me and getting on nasty with your accusations and threats.. you have a special place in my thoughts.

now…..on to it..
if u are able to read and understand these difficult words then go right ahead. some of you may need a dictionary. a
and don’t go getting offended from what i am saying… b/c u want 15 mins of fame. who the cap fits fucking wears it. i’m not judging any of you. but those who know who this is for will know.

Lauryn Hill describes it perfectly, i’v always loved this song and it very much applies.

“Is no type of solution
Preventin’ me from freedom
Maintainin’ your polution
I won’t support your lie no more
I won’t even try no more
If I have to die, oh Lord
That’s how I choose to live
I won’t be compromised no more
I can’t be victimised no more
I just don’t sympathize no more
Cuz now I understand
You just wanna use me
You say “love” then abuse me
You never thought you’d loose me
But how quickly we forget
That nothin’ is for certain
You thought I’d stay here hurtin’
Your guilt trip’s just not workin’
Repressin’ me to death
Cuz now I’m choosin’ life, yo
I take the sacrifice, yo
If everything must go, then go
That’s how I choose to live

No more compromises
I see past your diguises
Blindin’ through mind control
Stealin’ my eternal soul
Appealin’ through material
To keep me as your slave

I get out of all your boxes. you can’t hold me in these chains
I’ll get out. I want out of social bondage. Knowin’ my condition. Oh, is the reason I must change

See, what you see is what you get
Oh, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet
Oh, I don’t care if you’re upset
I could care less if you’re upset
See it don’t change the truth
And your hurt feeling’s no excuse
To keep me in this box
Psychological locks
Repressin’ true expression
Cementin’ this repression



When you talk I don’t listen
Oh, let my Father’s will be done

I just accepted what you said
Keepin’ me among the dead
The only way to know
Is to walk then learn and grow
But faith is not your speed
Oh, you’d had everyone believe
That you’re the sole authority
Afraid to face reality
THE SYSTEM IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, you’d be smart to save your soul
Oh, and escape this mind control



Oh, are you sure…
Where is the passion in this living
Are you sure it’s God you servin’
Getting less then you’re deserving
Who made up these schools, I say
Who made up these rules, I say
Animal conditioning
Oh, just to keep us as a slave”

and that is all i have to say.

i don’t care for your bullshit opinions against me. i don’t care for your tactics to ruin me. i don’t give a fuck. because i’m not after sint maarten. i’m on to bigger better things. which do not involved diseased mentalities and sell out characters.

i am just too effin good for that bullshit.



New Studio

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Cockfighting is Barbaric. Please help STOP this ..happening in my own hometown . We need your signatures !!!!!!

Be the Change You Want to See !!! Please SIGN for this cause.

Dear All…

The Government of Sint Maarten – the island where i was born and raised – condones cockfighting.. claiming that it is part of our ‘culture’ . I don’t know what culture they grew up with but this is NOT part of mine. It is an act of cruelty, selfishness and SHOULD NOT BE CONDONED, CONTINUED OR CONSIDERED PART OF ANY CULTURE !!!!

They HAVE the power to stop this …yet they consider it something which is ‘okay’ . .. We are well aware that if a human being can condone an act of cruelty on an animal…. a being with NO VOICE.. then we can also be aware of what THAT human being is capable of doing to his fellow man. I URGE you to think about this. and help us stop this moronic nonsense !!!!

I have over 9000 fans (on my facebook fanpage) I’ve quite a large network.. not to brag but to prove a point..that if people are listening.. we can speak up and be heard… nomatter how impossible the goal.

….. i do not believe in having a fanbase/network if i cannot do something to make a change in this already messed up world we live in. I want to be the change i want to see… i need YOU to help me.

I urge you.. to take a minute or two.. and PLEASE .. sign the petition.

” Cockfighters hack off the roosters’ wattles and combs (the flesh at the top of their heads and under their beaks) before a fight in order to prevent other roosters from doing the mutilating themselves.  The birds’ natural spurs (the bony protrusions on their legs) are cut off so that cockfighters can strap on razor-sharp 2-inch steel blades, which are capable of puncturing lungs and gouging eyes.  The birds are partly plucked, oiled and injected with a special mixture to harden the skin and to make them aggressive.  Two birds are then placed in an enclosure where they fight to the death.  The dead losers are dumped together with the severly-injured winners, also left to die.

Cock fighting is all about gambling.  Huge sums of money change hands amongst the supporters of this blood sport.  Spectators crowd around the ring to shout and encourage their chosen bird to kill its opponent.  The bloodier the better.” 

We have nearly 3000 signatures on the online petition. Please continue sharing it and let’s get 5000 in 2 weeks!

please please please HELP US  HELP THEM!!!!



Today’s Horoscope…

People and situations have a tendency to become very elusive, unhelpful or inflexible when they sense they’re expected to yield or succumb to a justice of any variety. You would like to see something done fairly. you believe n imbalance exists where there ought to be balance. This will sort itself without any intervention from you.



I am deeply bothered by the news of dogs being burned alive in mobile incinerators in the the efforts of cleaning up their streets for the sake of euro-cup. Shame on the euro-cup organizers for allowing this? really? i thought we lived in a day and age where JUSTICE was something we fought for? I’m supposed to raise children in this world? it’s a damn shame. it is sickening.

If it were homeless people and children they were doing this to…. you TOO would be outraged !!!! but because it’s an animal you may not feel any compassion… if that is the case…shame on you too. we are all ‘god’s children are we not? we all bleed…we all feel pain…. educate yourselves and do the right thing. BOYCOTT this madness !!!! I have zero respect for the eurocup, soccer teams, managers, organizers, fans and the countries who condone this. I am DEEPLY saddened and bothered by this.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo… may you see the light and suffer accordingly for your actions.

#eurocup #boycott #animalabuse #ukraine #2012 #soccer #death #brutal #holocaust #abuse #dieren #dierenmishandeling #kuteurocup #eurokut #nocompassion #killing #slaughter #ukraine #sick #shame #soccer

More info:

‎”City workers poisoned the dogs in front of children eyes, not uncommon in the vicinity of a playground.”

SIGN THE PETITION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Horoscope – just blogging

” Something is within your reach. You can practically see it yet the frustrating thing about anything being in your reach is , we strive to grasp it and discover we’re just slightly too far from it to grasp it properly.  That sums up a situation you’ve been in for some time and as much as you wish you had a firm grasp of what you want, you’re not entirely sure you have enough energy or patience that claiming it will require. The answer? Let it move close to you. Soon, it will do precisely that. ”

Source: JaredCo’s Horoscope. Saggitarius

A very promising Horoscope today…this morning… time for bed..or is it? I’m so incredibly tired but i cannot rest. I have so much to do. so little time. and the time i do have is moving with lightening speed. :s

My website needs to be finished…and instead of writing this blog and sharing my thoughts..perhaps it is time to go and do something on it… I’m going to be ecstatically happy and content when I am finally done. finally i am doing a site which i love … my gallery is just as i want it..

i can’t wait to share. can’t wait to sleep either….

Quotes by Sas “29-03-2012”

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It’s friday…the end of another week…beginning of another weekend…  time for one of my personal original quotes . Hoping it raises some form of inspiration and motivation to those who read it. Thank you for your visit. ” Life is … Continue reading

All We Need is LOVE !!! Happy LOVE Day !!!

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Happy LOVE Day…. everyday IS in fact love day… we should always show those we love that we love them… and even those we don’t know …we should also love..because in this world today…all we truly DO need is love…. … Continue reading

Dreamy – Anushka Bella Shoot

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It was freezing cold.. not exactly warm summer weather. don’t be fooled by the lighting in the photos. My girl managed to make it look good. Shoot with Anushka is always fun.. a very strong talented young woman.. making her … Continue reading

Adobe Moments

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I imported everything from all my archives 2004 – 2011 … doing an entire overhaul of old work and new work… working on new portfolios etc etc …. these are snapshots taken while workin at adobe…notice most of them are … Continue reading

OH NO …. A THREAT!!! Say the Wolves……

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“a successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.” I do understand that the world is filled with ‘competition’ …and whether or not someone is has been … Continue reading

Greece Trip – The Monastery – Palaoikastritsa

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More to Come

My Other Passion: The Ocean

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If i could..if i had the materials, the finances, the chnce, the energy, the opportunity to get lost in underwater photography i mos definitely would. My first choice of study when i was a little girl was Marine Biology ..and … Continue reading

Gigantic Dandelions

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129/365 Land of Gigantic Dandelions, a photo by SarinaGito on Flickr.

QueensDay : Make Your Own

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For some people living in Amsterdam, the Queensday Ritual of going out into town and surrounding yourself with crowds of drunken happy people..gets a little tedious after a while…not to mention…expensive….it seems like a wine on queens day is worth … Continue reading