Hello, Thank You for visiting!

I’m Sarina Gitoroemakso.

I’m a portrait, fashion and beauty photographer from the Caribbean but my studio is based in Amsterdam

I bought my first digital camera in 2004  when i realised that my dream to be a photographer was not just one of another little girl… but something i would make my life. For me, this is my passion…. a way of life.  I am 100% self taught and still constantly learning and re-inventing myself. I’m very proud to have achieved what most dream of. I’ve made my biggest love my profession. =)

I work in the Caribbean twice a year and in Europe all year round with my eye set on New York.

I love challenges and i love working with a team, so I’m always looking to collaborate with stylists, MUAs, designers, creatives!… and of course experienced models.

If you would like to work with me, send me a message. =)


Photographers, some also friends, who have inspired and continue to inspire me.

Anton Corbijn

– Lara Jade

– Brooke Shaden

Kirsty Mitchell

– Michelle Black

– Erwin Olaf


Ellen von Unwerth

– David La Chapelle

– Joey Lawrence

– Richard Terborg

– Rosie Hardy

– Emily Soto

and so many more !

be inspired by those around you. but also respect other photographers for their hard work and dedication. do not be just another copy admirer. we are not flattered by that.


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