yup.. it’s about that time.. if you have or haven’t noticed.. our domain for this blog changed recently.. because I’m moving my blog to my website !! where i will be able to have more control over everything i post and be able to share even more work with all of you.

for those who follow this blog.. i will keep it.. but i will make it a more personal blog.. personal as in.. not so work related.. more so my thoughts etc etc .. and of course when i post to the website i will update it here for those of you who really would like to stay updated.. you can always follow my fanpage..on facebook  HERE.. while it still exists .. as i’m also considering to remove it completely.. Let me know what you think….. i’m sorry if it inconveniences some of you.. but i will do my best to still post often.. or even more often than i have before .. =)

thank you all for following this blog and leaving comments and feedback.. it is much much appreciated !! btw.. u can also leave comments on my new blog.

The new blog will be published when my new website is done..

date to be announced.. i’m so excited !! =)


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