BLACKFISH – Documentary – Watch Online


it’s free… and online.. and i still cannot bring myself to watch it. last time i saw clips from the cove .. i cried constantly for weeks on end.. just thinking about what is going on and knowing i can do NOTHING to change the situation except raise awareness and tell everyone i know. (and even for that i am prosecuted by ppl i thought were friends…) – the price u pay for fighting for what you believe in)

if you think you can watch this and not feel broken… please watch it. i think we all should. to get the education our leaders and governments hide from us. ..only to protect the billions they are making from this industry.


15 thoughts on “BLACKFISH – Documentary – Watch Online

  1. I haven’t brought myself to watch the cove either….i know i can’t handle it yet. I am going to watch BlackFish though as i am so interested in this story! thanks for sharing.

    • 🙂 your welcome tiffanie… It is a powerful moving film..docu… It is something every human being needs to watch. Thank u so much for your comment and for caring abt these beautiful creatures….;). Please repost..share..spread the word. We can make alot happen by raising awareness.

  2. It is really good. You should watch it. I am grateful that you posted it for me to be able to watch it (maybe) before you. I hope you have viewed what you have provided for the rest of us to see. Thank you!

    • Yes i have. Very painful…its all stuff i already it breaks my heart to watch it but i believe everyone should…. Seaworld needs to be stopped… In fact so does Macys Dept Store.

  3. It’s Thanksgiving, a day of appreciation of life’s bounty of all good things, people, events and creatures in our lives. Watching this I feel such profound sadness. Because of greed some have abandoned those precious creatures stealing their souls and inflicting pain with senseless loss of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Like mentioned, some day we will look back and realize what were we doing. I hope it’s sooner than later.

  4. Blackfish is not as terrible as the cove, it is made so that children can watch it and figure out for themselves that “I don’t ever want to go to sea world!!”.
    Of course it is sad! This is BEAUTIFUL animals we’re abusing to earn money -or give money to see them jump in a pool! Tears come streaming down your face if you have a heart, but it is worth watching! Something like this is something you can’t close your eyes for, just because it is a hard truth..! It is what it is, and if people don’t watch it because it is a horrible truth, this truth will remain and NEVER change.
    And!! -ONE single person CAN make a change. The person that can’t make a change, is the person who says “I can’t” without trying first.

    But I’d say you have made a change, you linked the video so others can see it. Still, see it for yourself. And take care

  5. Just finished watching it; thanks for the link. I can honestly say I’m not sure I’ll ever go to Seaworld as a result. All that sugar coating they do…
    Imagine being slung in a room for the rest of your life, a featureless cage, forced to preform by a bunch of strange creatures, with a person who doesn’t speak your language or share a single one of the beliefs and customs you grew up with. The aliens are powerless to help you whenever they beat you up and deprive you of food whenever you do something wrong. Any family you attain during your stay, children or mothers, are ripped away from you…It’s a little heart wrenching to picture living life that way. But, as they height lighted in Blackfish, that is exactly what they do to these whales who feel emotion more acutely than us.

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