Paint Me – Shoot w/Akeem Adams

We been wanting to do this for sooo long.. all the plans and stuff and finally we did it….this shoot was done way back in April…finally got around to posting it now. =) Akeem did a great job…. it wasn’t easy standing with eyes closed …tempted half the time to open his eyes..  he’s a trooper! =)  And Suzy… being careful to make sure the paint drips the way it should hehe.. our “paint’ director. #POOF

2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-042ed 2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-077ed 2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-030ed 2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-071ed

Akeem is both a friend and a very talented artist  His illustrations and paintings are .. breathtaking.. he is like myself, a local talent of Sint Maarten; born and raised on Sint Maarten. A talent (and an individual) that I find very important to promote and support every chance i get and the support is mutual which is always a nice feeling. =) If you are interested in his works, he also takes on commissioned work. So if you are looking for that unique piece of art to hang on your wall or give as a present to someone dear to you, i recommend giving his portfolio a look.  (info below)

2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-089ed 2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-021ed

Apart from the artistic colourful images.. i had to try something i saw in my head. This is the result. a bit darker.. but i think it exudes something all artists go thru at some point in their lives… the feeling of under appreciation…the struggle.. the creative block.. something like that. it was fun having Akeem scream.. lol.. i think we scared the neighbours .. =) but hey.. anything for that shot =)

2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-093ed 2012JUL24-AkeemPaint-094ed

Art Portfolio of Akeem Adams Here

Tell us what you think? constructive feedback is always welcomed. =)


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