Shoot with Lily


Lily came in for part of my photo shoot specials during January this year. I’ve finally had some time to finish up her blog It was a fun day.. we had 4 shoots in one day.. client in and client out.. the advantage to this is we can keep the costs low…. and we are constantly busy .. so there is a constant flow of creativity.. however the disadvantages .. the workload does not get any less.. it’s still hard work even more so than with a regular 3 hour shoot where we can take out time. and probably the most important.. with a speed shoot.. there is less time to get to know your client.. BUT if the balance is on point.. and energy pleasant.. it can be a win win situation.. which this was. Lily was a great model.. very natural.. and very easy to work with.. and she is not a professional.. medical student turned model for a day.. and she did a fantastic job.i love when something like this happens.. when a client surprises me.

These are a few shots from the shoot. we only had time to do one set of outfits. at the end of the day Lily was extremely happy with her photos. =) loads of thanks to my creative team..

MUA: Magda Kielb || Stylist: Xavier Long

Shoot with Lily  2013JAN13-Lily-045ed copy 2013JAN13-Lily-006ed


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