Pineapples Pineapples !!!!

So… last saturday i was SOOOO happy to see pineapples in the grocery stores here in Amsterdam. I know.. I sound like I live in a cave.. but pineapples.. have been quite difficult to come by.. I was happy as well that one pineapple.. medium-sized cost me less than 2 euros (1.69 to be exact) .. so happy with that.. compared to the prices on the island where I was born, the fruit and veggies are quite costly.. and you would think.. the Caribbean!! they should be investing in tropical fruits and trying to farm natural produce.. but no.. our government there is way too concerned with selling out the island, its people, our culture and our wildlife and other animals for their own profit and gain. quite sad. one pineapple can run you anywhere from 5 usd to 10 usd. no joke. ridiculous. Anyways… so I wanted to post because I promised myself I would post something everyday or at least try to ! so.. why am I so happy about pineapples???… cuz they’re deelish and sooo good for you and aids in losing weight, digestion, cleaning. so good ! so here is some info. if you didn’t know. now you do. =)

What have I done with my two pineapples.. ? (see image) well… i cut them up.. took the edible parts and put them in Tupperware to be saved for later (after I ate a few of course.. the best lunch ever ! – and the skin and all parts which are not edible.. I have thrown into a big pot w/added water and they are boiling as I type.  when the water is done boiling.. i’ll have ‘pineapple water’ what i do then is I strain the water.. and put this in a plastic bottle.. hup.. in the refrigerator .. and there ya have it.. [pineapple water. Drink that through out the day.. and you’re gonna be quite happy with yourself after a few days (however long,  the pineapple water lasts) I usually do 3 days. My skin always feels better, I have more energy, the cleansing works, and I feel thinner.. this is not an excuse to not exercise of course.. if you exercise.. you’ll lose that unwanted weight.. even quicker !!

pineapple blog ed

Photos by me =) #instagram

Some benefits of PineApples

  • Anti-inflammatory:
  • Pineapple juice contains bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme. This enzyme can rival potent pharmaceuticals such as NSAIDs and steroids.  When bromelain is combined with Indian spice “turmeric” it is even more potent. It also aids with digestion by helping the body break down proteins.
  • It helps healing of bruises and can alleviate arthritis pain .
  • Digestive aid:
  • Bromelain also aids with digestion by helping the body break down proteins.
  • rival even the effects of potent pharmaceuticals such as NSAIDs and steroids, especially when bromelain is combined with the Indian spice turmeric (curcumin).
  • Natural antioxidant:
  • Pineapple juice is packed with vitamin C
  • An 8-oz. serving of  pineapple juice contains  75% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.. Vitamin Cas a natural antioxidant  boosts the immune system.
  • It helps tissue and healing of wounds.
  • Energy booster:
  • Pineapple juice contains thiamine and B6.
  • Thiamine belongs to the vitamin B group.
  • It helps convert carbohydrates into energy and boosts the immune system too.
  • The vitamin B6 stabilizes the blood sugar.
  • Kidney health:
  • Pineapple juice is rich in potassium which promotes kidney function.
  • The potassium helps you with electrolyte balance, which help with muscle cramps and soreness.Source:  Step Into My Green World

There are tons of sites online which can give you even more info. just google it !  good luck ! and if you try this.. feel free to share your experience .. =) Thanks for reading =)


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