Easy Tape Product Shoot & Sporty Shoot

My most recent easy-tape shoot. We did 4 hours of product shooting for their new instruction folder. These are just some snapshots from the day. when we went outside.. it was really sunny but very cold. Summer hadn’t hit us just yet.  Don’t know what easy tape is? it is therapeutic tape used for sore muscles, aches, pains, RSI treatments etc.

More info? —>  www.easytaping.com                  enjoy.

2013APR29-Jul.et-003ed blog

Our lovely model for the day Juliana

2013APR29-Jul.et-018ed blog

Norman posing for this blog post

2013APR29-Jul.et-001ed blog

Model, shielding herself form the cold winds!


Passersby wondring wth we are doing..:P

The Result

2013APR29-Jul.et-029ed     2013APR29-Jul.et-033ed  1005069_10200423338160835_477557236_n   919409_10151619446115365_452091769_o  

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