New Paths: Creating that which I have always wanted.

New Paths: Creating that which I have always wanted.

2013 June || Model: Flory Timmer || Styling: Gina Malagodi || MUA: Sarina Gito

One of the shots from my most recent shoot with beautiful model Flory and new creative colleague, stylist and designer Gina. A little bit about the image, the dof/blur is created with the lenses

My newest gear which i got about 3 weeks back. I absolutely love them. I waited 7 years before finally investing in these lenses

I’m finally doing the kind of shoots I want to do in my spare time.
The dream, surreal, fantasy, whimsical, romantic themes are what I have always been after. So, this is the direction I have always wanted to take with my work but due to lack of resources and time…did not get the chance.

Since I shoot for a lot of clients, I tend to do more work which is geared toward the wishes/requests of my clients. I am often asked to arrange/plan a concept from scratch, however sometimes i am asked for very specific type of shoots from clients. So long I am proud of what i create, it is not an issue for me to create a shoot around my client. Client is King/Queen =)

Recently I have been making a huge effort, giving up my social life and free time so that I can plan and arrange and fix colour schemes and build props, creates clothing, brainstorm and brainstorm and .. brainstorm!! I’m also quite insecure when it comes to showcasing a completely different genre. Perhaps the theme is so close to home for me that I am a bit more hesitant to showcase with full confidence. (i tell you what tho… that.. is changing ! =) )

I think i am finally on a path which i am very proud of.. and no longer afraid to showcase what I do. and recently, I came across a quote... “perfection is another word for procrastination” so be it !! I am always so hesitant to post something or to showcase a set of images because i feel they are not ready, i am not ready, i can fix more, do more, edit another way.. but enough of that… no more perfection , knowing myself.. being the perfectionist.. i’ll never get around to posting what i want. Speaking of which I’ve tons of images to showcase from my trips to Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Curacao and Sint Maarten, which i have not yet published. *the personal work i never have time for* they’re coming tho =)

So I’m putting it out there.. be the judge.. but be polite.. i put alot of work into my images. I make mistakes, but i come back and i try to do so stronger.. and with more knowledge having learned from my mistakes. Constructive criticism is welcomed.I’ve created an album on facebook .. just for these shoots, as these I feel are different to my usual colourful and contrast filled type of works.

The Album is young. there is alot more to come. Feel free to visit and leave a comment, like the album, my page, share with your friends… =)

Album: New Paths

Interested in shooting with me??.. with similar concepts? then drop me a line !!

I’m always looking for new faces.(some costs do apply: styling/travel/location fees)     Locations: Amsterdam and the Dutch Caribbean. Next trip to Sint Maarten & surrounding islands: October 2013

Some Images over the years, my attempts made in the past, stuff I was hesitant to showcase.. and stuff i maybe posted once or twice somewhere and then removed.

Enjoy !! =)

2013 May – Brooke Shaden Project – Model/Designer: Gina

2012APRIL7-IshaShooted copy

2012 April – Client Shoot – French Caribbean


2011 – Model Anushka Bella

2010 – Model: Nina B – Utrecht

IMG_9880ed copy

2010 November – Christina



2 thoughts on “New Paths: Creating that which I have always wanted.

  1. Don’t let any comment or opinion from others, influence your own personal work which is a mirror of your thoughts, fantasy. Just show who you are and don’t be afraid.

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