Photo Shoot Love Stories – GrachtenGordel w/stylist Cindy Holla

These are a few shots from my 2 day photo shoot ( 4 & 7 may) with stylist Cindy Holla.

I saw Cindy’s casting call for a photographer to shoot this awesome concept for her school assignment.  I no longer do TFP assignments but i thought this could be very beneficial for me.. i loved the concept, Cindy’s styling and the models she chose to work with. =)

The first shooting day – May 4th 2013 – turned out great, despite our very very last minute cancellation of one model, we still managed to have a pretty awesome time shooting with models Ashley and Jaiwey (who is also a very talented photographer and it was a pleasure meeting and working with him.)  =)

The second day of shooting, we started at 10 am.. everything we thought could go wrong.. went wrong.. we started almost 2 hours later because our first male model was unable to make it to Amsterdam on time due to problems with our lovely tran system here in the Netherlands (the NS). so that was a bummer, so we had to use Thierry (Actors & Models) to pose in two sets for our photo-shoot. The second thing to go wrong was the weather. ah yes HOLLAND!!! and its weather… we had a gorgeous sunny day.. but as soon as 4:00 pm hit.. we say the overcast clouds settling in.. but this didn’t stop us. Cindy.. had a deadline.. and i didn’t have time to shoot any other day when there would be sunshine so .. the show went on until 19:00. long day !! =)  enjoy.

Day One


Shoot Location. Fay One. Bright and Sunny Sunshiney Day !!


Our reactions after we continually pose for a group photos ans find out Ashley was not paying attention.. filling out his model release.


Shiny, Happy, Crazy, Energetic people!!


Okay. Enough playing.. finally a proper group shot =)


I love muah tables. I always try to take a shot of their setups =)

Day Two


Cute Props used by Mixed Model Agency models Danielle and Anique


Cindy’s work is laid out for her at shoot headquarters @Keizersgracht, Amsterdam


Charlotte hard at work w/ Model Liesbeth


Hi Andre and Charlotte =)


and then there were three. The first to arrive and last to leave. Hardcore =)

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this shoot. =)

Results: Here


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