EasyTape Shoot #1 with Model Olia K

So it was in April that I had my first photo-shoot in collaboration with EasyTape International and the talented ‘taper’ Norman Noten. =)  These are a few shots taken while I wait for our gorgeous model Olia to be taped up.  EasyTape International is a therapeutic tape company. For muscle pains, RSI treatments, aches, pains etc. An incredibly new discovery. Want more info? Head on over the official website of EasyTape International .

Easytape Olia 1

Models and Mobiles =)

2013APRIL10-Olia.et-058 bts Easytape Olia

2013APRIL10-Olia.et-057 bts

Norman very concentrated and focused during his taping of the model.

2013APRIL10-Olia.et-061 bts

The End Result:




Photography / Post Processing / Light:  Sarina Gito

Model/Styling: Olia Krivitkaia

Taping: Norman Noten

MakeUp: Sarina Gito

Amsterdam Studio / April 2013


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