11 Years…

My Hero

i found him when i was just 11 years old. and despite being on an island where everyone else was into all that urban and caribbean music     .. i was blessed to have found music i could relate to.. music which meant something..

.. grunge Rock.. the gateway to Metal, heavy metal, some death metal and other “satanic’ types of music as my fellow islanders would call it.. lol

nope.. all those attempts in high school by the born agains to convert me…. didn’t work. you all just made me want to cut deeper.. faster… drown myself … and i did.. until i discovered grunge music….. his voice.. this band as a whole.. Alice in Chains.. were my absolute favourite band.. and then came Tool.. pearl jam, Radiohead.. etc

When i learned of his bio.. his tribulations.. struggles, accomplishments and fears.. it made me feel .. not alone. this is what every teenage girl wants.. even when they think they know what they want.

today is the anniversary of his death. thus my post and it’s not photography related.. but maybe it is.. because I stayed alive,. i survived.. i found strength.. through his music.. through his stories.. and if it weren’t for my discovery of this band.. i would be somewhere else.. not holding a camera.. that’s for sure. when he started lifting me up… i started putting down the blades… i began to open the curtains.. and let the dark clear…..i began to live…  my hero.

and besides.. this is my blog. i’ll post what i want =)   and today.. i want Layne to grace my blog.

RIP angry angel. you are loved, remembered and missed every fucking day . sing for your fellow gods.

“red candles…i have two”

Layne Thomas Staley – best vocalist EVER!!!

(August 22, 1967 – April 5, 2002) RIP


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