Lunar by SarinaGito
Lunar, a photo by SarinaGito on Flickr.

So today i am one year older.. wiser.. erm..older!! šŸ˜› but this year has been one of change, acceptance, compromise and triumph!! All good things.
Im always complaining about getting older… i hate how my hair stays, my skin is different.. GRAVITY!!!!! lol ….it all ends up with me saying.. “i wanna be 26 again” – (26 because it was i think my favourite year) anyhoes..this year it’s different.. as i get older.. i grow older too.. in experience and wisdom.. and most important spirituality. This year i choose to photograph myself in a way which i think resembles how i fel about myself this past year. likei won something.. something great.. positive..something..admirable…

i kept my faith in myself and my work. now to take over New York and i’m set!!

OH and it’s not just another birthday.. it’s a Lunar Birthday!! hehe.. cool..

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo !

Thank you ALL for the Birthday wishes, bbm’s, whatsapp messages, phonecalls, visits!! snail mail!! (OMG u ppl rock) and fb messages and and and… much love to u all.

Photography, Post Processing, Concept, Styling, Make Up and Light: Sarina Gito


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