New Website !!! Launched =)

My Newly Designed Website has been LAUNCHED !!!!!!!!! go forth my lovelies and enjoy the new work..


there are #galleries which are not yet complete .. they will be updated in the very near future !! these are marked with (coming soon)

my apologies for that .. i have been traveling all over the place and so you can imagine how it can get when you’ve hundreds of files everywhere on several computers around the world..:p it gets a bit nutty… only so many external drives i can travel with..:P

and yes i built it myself .

I also build websites but still building my website portfolio.. so i do them at very very low rates and i do not openly advertise ..except for now.. since i’m excited about finishing this up =)

if you are interested.. just inbox me =)


Featured Model:
the beautiful Natasha Atego – thank you for working with me)

#allworknoplay helps sas finish her website !!! yay !!!

#new #launched #newwork #professional #happydance #movingforward #lifesgood #ilovewhatido #photography

*doing happy dance*


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