Another day of surviving IGNORANT Sint Maarten .. the paradise where we consider Animal Cruelty our culture..

SO.. in the interest of cheering myself up. it’s quite the task trying to reason and talk to people who are so incredibly set in their ways and display absolute narrow mindedness..

next to that i am still quite offended and appalled that i am supposed to accept that MY St. Maarten culture and tradition include legalized organized animal fighting/cruelty. it is incredible. and this is a place which depends on tourism … (not for those filling the pockets by taking part in these gambling i guess it’s not too important for them). ok.

ANY WAYS *diepe zucht*

I’m gonna edit some work.. and my website !!! because next to being the awesome person i am for standing up for what i believe in…. i still have my profession. I still LOVE my profession and i still have my awesome clients to tend to.

GOOD MORNING! be thankful you are not an animal being slaughtered, tortured, used and abused.

This SUNDAY..July 1st 2012… thousands of baby seals will be clubbed to death in Namibia…. Roosters will be skinned, oiled, spurred and put to fight until the death..Punctured lungs and all.. and then killed (both winner and loser) on SINT MAARTEN while gamblers and criminals watch (ALL ILLEGALLY!!!) …. animals all around the world will be bred, farmed and killed for food, for fashion and for pleasure.

thought for today:

“The creatures that inhabit this earth-be they human beings or animals-are here to contribute, each in its own particular way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world.”

teach compassion. be love. be blessed. – Sarina Gito

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Want to Help?

For More info and the petition.. CLICK HERE to Urge Sint Maarten Government to keep organized Animal Fighting ILLEGAL.

Join our Facebook Page

Help the baby Seals in namibia and find out more HERE. i recommend reading why it is important.

Join the FaceBook Page

Thank you for your compassion.



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