An awesome shoot today with TREADZ … Sint Maarten.

I amazed myself..not to boast but… we had some difficulties and yup me Sarina..Photographer/Photo Retoucher /Model Coach and Small Business Owner… turned into creative director, stylist and manager………It was an incredible day of pure stress but had to keep my cool and inspire/motivate my already very tired models to still give me their all. mission accomplished.

My skills, patience, ‘work under stress’ abilities and quick thinking was really put to the test. Thanks Kev for the challenge… wasn’t necessary nor was it expected but …I turned it around and got the job done… the experience ..was a beneficial because i rise above it and consider it something i learn from.

At the end of the day .. the models commented on how great it was to work with me..and how relaxed i made them feel. I AM TRULY PROUD of myself. So no I’m not boasting but hell..i must give myself the credit i deserve… =)

hells yes!!!! It’s always a great thing when you tend to amaze yourself. I’m so happy that i did not break.

I make things work FOR me…..not against me…

Look out for newspaper/magazine features/articles, radio broadcasts and a short film.. Thanks to Porto Cupecoy for hooking us up with a huge empty space for our models..

#boom #treadz #sarinagito #sintmaarten #portocupecoy

enjoy some of our behind the scene shots…


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