Horoscope – just blogging

” Something is within your reach. You can practically see it yet the frustrating thing about anything being in your reach is , we strive to grasp it and discover we’re just slightly too far from it to grasp it properly.  That sums up a situation you’ve been in for some time and as much as you wish you had a firm grasp of what you want, you’re not entirely sure you have enough energy or patience that claiming it will require. The answer? Let it move close to you. Soon, it will do precisely that. ”

Source: JaredCo’s Horoscope. Saggitarius

A very promising Horoscope today…this morning… time for bed..or is it? I’m so incredibly tired but i cannot rest. I have so much to do. so little time. and the time i do have is moving with lightening speed. :s

My website needs to be finished…and instead of writing this blog and sharing my thoughts..perhaps it is time to go and do something on it… I’m going to be ecstatically happy and content when I am finally done. finally i am doing a site which i love … my gallery is just as i want it..

i can’t wait to share. can’t wait to sleep either….


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