So I heard Snow Patrol‘s “What if the storm ends” song. (original title = Lightening Strikes – it is a two part song… )  amazing.

OMG i love it… so much so that it’s become my new obsession..and with obsession of a fave song comes this urge to create how this music makes me feel.. it’s something i have always done… something which got me up and going when i felt down over the years..i have never had an easy going life… i was blessed with great people in my life. a loving family. opportunities and the free will and freedom to become who i am today. Photography and Music.. and me… it’s been my light in the darkness. It still very much is.

So ok now that i have explained that a bit… :p back to my blog post!

In awe of this beautiful song… I created some selfies… I haven’t done it in a while actually… i think these are my first selfies for the new year.. woot woot. go sas!

So I’m completely in love with this song…. the crescendos, highs and lows… it’s wild and free in a romantic way..i love it… and what do i do when a song thrills me? I create a self portrait… not because i always want to but because i feel sometimes i must! it’s that creative thing.. i can’t explain it.I  can’t wait to release the full set !! =)

Model || Make Up || Photography || Lighting || Styling || Concept & Post Processing: Sarina Gito
|| Location: Sint Maarten DWI

UPDATE: I had no idea i’d have such a big response… (i shud tho eh) I’m very #proud of this one..i took it further..i had a vision and i did it…. I #LOVE when i do that. My entire body is aching from ‘posing’ in the cramped setup i had but..hell…it was worth it. i cannot wait to #share the other shots. *website launch*




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