Sun Bound…!!

I have booked my flight to Sint Maarten and i’m incredibly excited about all the new shoots I plan to carry out during my stay. Also very excited about working at the Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta again this year !! Be sure to find me so i can take your picture ! =)


and thank you to all of you who booked with me..who chose me as your photographer… thank you for having confidence in me and making this trip possible by helping me fund it.

As some of you know… Photography is my SOLE income and these trips are purely for work reasons. so those who booked, thanks for helping me out with funding another year of my profession. It is not an easy choice I have made, but I love what I do. I have taken the biggest risk ever by following my heart. Perhaps one day it will pay off and i will truly accomplish what i set out to do.

If you are interested in shooting with me on sint maarten.
send an email along with a photo of yourself, your available dates (march) and the type of shoot you wish to do.

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