Fabrics, Friends and FUN!!!

So my girlfriend Cho-ing and her brother Xavier (my stylist) came over one night to have some fun, catch up, sip wine, have dinner and play with funky fabrics and crazy make up. Full improvisation with our very few resources but we made it cute and funky, and it’s different from what I’ve already done, to me that’s always a great thing. I always enjoy being able to come up with some brilliant last-minute idea to make it all work. 2012 i am pushing for self sufficiency and “pushing barriers”, I’m looking so very forward to my upcoming shoots in the caribbean and United States… New York…New York !!!! .

but ok back on topic!

So….we all put our effort into this…and our two cents so to speak. I knew what i wanted qua lighting and approach, poses and also went with what ‘looked good’ while staying on theme…and I was also pleasantly surprised by my quick improv background solution =) yay. gotta love this head of mine. I surprise myself. We had a great dinner between shooting ( I actually managed to cook during shooting… beginning to become something habitual actually…:P ) we laughed, we spilled make up, we played with tons of fabrics…. very happy to have done this. Learned a lot about myself that night as well. Always learning, the way i love it. the way it should be. =)

Anyhoes..here are some fun shots from our shoot =)

Getting Wrapped Up =)

Xav teasing his sis hehe

Mary Magdalene Cho-Ing

Gotta LOVE them candid shots =)

Lekker stoer aan 't doen / Playing tough..:P

Please do not use any of my images for any reason without permission. Just Ask.


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