First Shoots of 2012 PT I

It’s been a while since i posted here ….. it’s been a crazy last couple of months with planning new shooting trips, casting for models and make upa rtists as well as scouting for new models.

I am also indulging into more creative shoots… incorporating what i refer to as the ‘whole shabang’ … involving body paint, out of the box ideas and my own set and prop design !! FINALLY i have crept out of my shell and began doing it. I have always hesitated and now i ask ..why in the world did i hesitate.

So i was able to work with very talented, down to earth, AWESOME make up artist Magda Kielb. I’m in love with her. Finally I have found a make up artist who works on a professional level. She is also kind, friendly, thinks with me, innovative, punctual, hard working, talented, creative…did i say she rocks? yes she rocks.

Above all, what i love is the fact that she is not hungry for money. I come across alot of mua’s who believe that the only way to get further in this industry is to go after the money constantly. i fully understand that paid assignments are preferred but even myself as photographer…this is my ONLY income..and yet i must do some things for free. for my own peace of mind, my own projects, my creative development. and of course..the practical portfolio updates !!

Having said that, If you are reading this and you are or know an MUA who will fit this profile. (willing to work on TFP basis and eventually for paid shoots, as that is the intention here) then please contact me !!!!

anyhoes.. here are some behind the scene looks at our shoots carried out jan 4th, 5th and 6th. =)

Full sets coming soon. new work will be showcased when i launch my brand new website !! woot woot.

Our first shoot was Jan 4th with Model Shaeeza

Our dinner table turns into the accessories & make up area

MUA Magda doing her thing

MUA Magda at work

Our second shoot for 2012 was on January 5th with Mindy. =)

Always laughs on set !! is a must =)

Having fun with the props =)

Our Third shoot for 2012 was with Lasha.

Always laughs on set. Gotta love her smile !!

My traditional... ritual group shot at the end of my shoots. hehe we are being wild jungle animals. 😛

Always fun being silly. and looking a mess after a hard day's work !


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