OH NO …. A THREAT!!! Say the Wolves……

“a successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”

I do understand that the world is filled with ‘competition’ …and whether or not someone is talented..it has been proven to me today that no-matter how great and amazing your work is…. if you have a nasty malicious conniving backstabbing fake attitude towards others…. your work quickly loses its value. not to mention how quickly your bad karma builds up.

briefly..what happened today. I was insulted, a comment was left under my post in a Photography Facebook group …that pretty much summed up my website being not the greatest. fair enough! that’s ok. but then ends the comment with ‘ ….it left me very annoyed and irritated…if i were a potential client i would not stay very long..!!!!  (hey thanks for the bad publicity!! ) :S

That is indeed unfortunate and not my intention……

when I private messaged this person to ask what exactly annoyed him (so I could of course get the feedback) i was told my reaction was ‘aggressive’ …. ok. fair enough. it wasn’t but hey ..some people are over sensitive… just for the record..i did not use swear words or ‘attack’ anyone…… I will admit that I was a tad bit annoyed (who wouldn’t be?) so it came across as such i guess. I apologized for this afterwards of course…and asked again…what was it that annoyed you about my website?) no reply. but bashing..o yes…. lots of it.

take note….this person was not obligated to leave a comment on my post. I did not ask for his critique…. yet he insisted i did. :s *dreamer*  he COULD have sent a private message. nothing wrong with that ..but apparently public humiliation and bad publicity is more fun for these types.

anyways….. then he creates a post in which him and is little friend openly began to attack..slowly and steadily….

when I reacted…..I was ridiculed and humiliated…called ‘over emotional’, a non native speaker of english which is why I came across as ‘not understandable’ (mind you…..I HAVE my english lit and linguistics university degree, teaching degree and I have been a speaker of English and Dutch ALL of my life – but hey…creative way to insult someone!)

it didn’t work tho….

anyhoes…I have been told my work is not good enough…. that one day I ‘might’ be good enough for vogue (LOL..really? I mean..that’s all I ever really do photography for…to be in vogue….!! erm..not…) the insults and twisting of words pretty much entail what can be labeled as ‘flaming’ or ‘bashing’ in a group. when I requested kindly to have this removed from the group..I was told I did it myself…and my request was ignored. so much for courtesy and kindness.

I didn’t ASK to be in this Facebook group either….instead…I was invited…by the same *sore excuse for a woman* who instigated the continuation of a very unnecessary conversation turned into misunderstanding which could have been solved easily!

other posts were made…between these two people (as one of them is on my ‘friends’ list on my Facebook profile. where This guy says “pray for the dolphins’ and “sore excuse” replies “stop…you’re gonna make me pee myself'” giggle….giggle…..

that’s great guys….. well done…applaus!!!…I wonder if you would have made fun if the cause I cared about and fought for were along the lines of… I dunno…. say….

child porn, cancer ,  AIDS research, child abuse, starving kids in africa perhaps…. ??? I don’t think so. good going for the karma there guys…really!! Is it truly ‘okay’ to ‘make fun’ of a cause which somebody gives selflessly for? wow… that says SO much about the two of you.

sad little person. emo can do that to you. =(


I made a friend or 2 in the group and when I conveyed this little event with her, she replied:

What in the world??? You are the 5-6 person that has left the group . . . . I think that there are people on there that have bought into their own PR just a little too dang much. I stopped posting after a young little *beep*tard decided to make me his target. The whole damn board was put out by his antics, yet they stood by him stating that he had a right to be heard. *beep* anyone else’s right to be heard. . . . . total bull*beep*. Sorry to hear you left, but I’m glad to have met you before they got to you . . . . Peace!- SB

morons travel in groups…..sadly……

I am constantly confronted by people who apparently consider me a threat….. or at least…this seems to be the only valid explanation as to why someone would target me this way… after I do nothing more than compliment and admire their work….:S

my response: WHAT??!!! WHY???!!!!  especially when their work  is just so beautiful.

I would LOVE to post names here cuz hey that’s how I am. honest, to the point and hey if u can insult people openly…you should also be able to take the ‘pointing fingers’ openly as well. or don’t say anything or know how to re-word yourself as to not offend people.  BUT in the interest of proving a point…and showing the guilty party that malicious envy is not the way to go …neither is public humiliation of someone else…… I won’t post any names. but if they are reading this… read…and try to learn something…seriously!

attitude…respect…and love for others…is what truly counts !!!!!!

As a new friend said:

When I brought this up on Facebook…since it is something I feel others should know and they now know which facebook group to avoid. here are the reactions I received:

There’s a lot of jealousy in the photog industry, Sarina. If your eye is good and your images show it, you’ll find those that want to tear you down to make themselves feel better. It’s not always easy to find a group of like-minded photogs that actually have your back instead of wanting to stick a knife in it. The Focus Ring is one such group. I’ve found the Professional Photographers of Canada is another.  – JT

Bugger what other people say or do. Just keep on doing what you are good at. Just recognise other peoples’ negative criticisms as personal innovations, that they are too stupid to understand.  – AM

my husband is a photog too and he left w/i an hour of being invited to the group. He is not about the ridiculous antics that go on in places like that. Sad thing is there are some really great photogs there that we know personally that don’t get involved in stupid shit. If you can get me an invite to that other group, that would be great, but I’d still like to keep in touch with you either way . . . . again, I think your work is beautiful . . . . and I’m not afraid to appreciate and respect talent in other photographers. It supports the law of abundance rather than scarcity. . . . if photogs think that putting other photogs down is going to get them more work or more appreciated, then they really don’t have much life experience and I can’t respect their way of operating. . . . the more you appreciate photography anywhere, the more it will be appreciated by everyone. All of my friends who AREN’T photographers have a whole new appreciation for it b/c they have seen my evolution. If we want people to value what we do, we need to value each other no matter where we are on the spectrum . . . . – SMB

anyways…… I felt I needed to share this. Especially since I am often asked ‘ what difficulties i come across in the photography industry”…this is one of those difficulties.

My fellow photographers…there will always be a group or a few individuals who envy you because you are considered a threat….that you are up and coming..and hey if u are good..you just MIGHT steal their gigs. Really…is stooping that low worth it? how can you sleep at night?    Please know we are NOT ALL like these conniving wolves.

I am personally SICK of these insecure retards who feel that they must act like this..thinking that it ruins others.


Little do these two insecure little ‘asociale drollen’ know…this has done nothing but motivate me. nothing but made me realize…i MUST be good….. good enough to scare you!! so  BOO!

watch me. pass you by darlings…. sometimes…..bunnies attack instead! the nicest way we know how. with success and smiles!!!


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