My Other Passion: The Ocean

If i could..if i had the materials, the finances, the chnce, the energy, the opportunity to get lost in underwater photography i mos definitely would. My first choice of study when i was a little girl was Marine Biology ..and i was of course obsessed with taking photos of everything so i figured..great i’ll become a marine biologist and work for national geographc doing documentaries. well …life took place and things did not go as planned.

now i do what i can, donate what i can to the preservation of our oceans and live vicariously through others whose lives are totally committed to the ocean. (for example a friend on facebook whose name is Igone and her job is pretty much spending ALOT of time underwater and her photos are beautiful!! You can view them here)

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4 thoughts on “My Other Passion: The Ocean

  1. I love underwater photography, too. I wanted to be an oceanographer when I was younger. I love to scuba dive, too. And I just noticed the gorgeous SP’s on the side bar. Where have those been?? Love the blog. Going to link it on the sidebar at

    • awww cool !! Thank You!! =) hmmm i’ll also put a link on my page in a bit. yea underwater photography is ace…i love it…altho uhm..these were taken at the zoo…i must confess….one day i hope to have the proper equipment so i can really get into it. The sp’s i did for the blog alone. i don’t have them posted anywhere else really =) glad u like!!!

  2. I always like! yeah, i need to get the equipment, too. i’ve been the to caribbean a few times (not down to St. Maarten), and I’ve always thought about getting the photography equipment, but i never did because I get to the caribbean so little and diving times are so limited that I felt I’d miss the actual few dives I have messing with camera stuff the whole time. one day!

    I notice you are Do you notice any loss of functionality not having your own domain?

    • i got the same thing hun. i don’t see the need or urgency just yet to purchase underwater-housing just yet. but one day…i’d love to. most definitely. about functionality…. not really. i have my own domain =) my website i use this for all the outtakes and stories everyone is always asking about. since flickr is also limited . and i like the blog =) wordpress is cool. is that what u meant?

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