177/365 Science

177/365  Science by SarinaGito
177/365 Science, a photo by SarinaGito on Flickr.

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Went to the Artis Zoo yesterday here in my (second) hometown of Amsterdam.
My other half surprised me with a JAARKAART (year Membership) now i can go in free until the year ends….best of all…the money goes towards taking care of the animals and their habitats in the zoo.
I’m very happy with the membership..now i can go in and out as i please for an entire year and REALLY enjoy the zoo for what it is…or rather the animals i must say.

I’m not a big fan of the zoo idea in general but…granted these places take care of these animals..and if they are born into the zoo ..then i suppose it is ok. anyways…one day i think there will be so many animals extinct due to poachers, environmental changes, climate change etc that we will ONLY be able to see them in the zoo one day. so sad. These animals belong in their natural habitat but thanks to ‘mankind’ …we must do what we can to preserve their existence in places like… zoos.

This shot is comprised of 4 different photos and slightly tweaked of course to get that ‘science-ish’ vibe..or well..for me i mean..”

combo – artis – scienceprint


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