Blurry Vision

Back in the day …when I started out in photography AGAIN after not touching a camera for a few years followin this forced dream i had perceived as the right dream… I had this small digital camera… i still have it but’s a bit worn … unfortunately.  This little olympus digicam did the best blurry photos, of course it was me who controlled the blurriness but ..i knew it though and through. i loved it. I don’t have access to that cam anymore…if i did i think my collection of blurry photos would be insane. I can do blurry photos with my cam nowadays’s not as much fun as with that little camera.

anyways…a few sentences further and here we are…these are some shots form my blurry days. Maybe one day i’ll find some magician who wants and can fix my camera..for less than 200 euros =)

enjoy !

Movements - Korsakoff, Amsterdam

Monster - T. Raumschmiere - Melkweg 2006

Dancer - Melkweg, Amsterdam

Girl in Pub - Stratford Upon Avon, England

Tate Museum London


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