Self Portrait 2011
I’m so busy with client work that I don’t often get to experiment and do the stuff I really enjoy..the personal work..where my creative freedom has no limits.
Yesterday i had to try this as it’s been in my head for weeks now. The image represents to me sleep deprivation as my title obviously indicates. Situated on a bed and standing symbolizing that being awake in bed..hence the insomnia…. when all one longs for is just to fall asleep and rid the restlessness. The hands are made slightly larger…to symbolize grasping something which is not there, that ability to have a full rest,a night’s rest to awake with the energy to continue.

Working as a photographer especially being self taught, in a city like Amsterdam. It can be quite i am sure it is everywhere but in Amsterdam there are certain attitudes which look down upon you for not having a college degree in photography. For me this results in working extra hard to get recognized, to get work to maintain my sanity. a long story. an inspiring one tho. as i will keep on keeping on. w/more sleep 1 wud hope.


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