QueensDay : Make Your Own

For some people living in Amsterdam, the Queensday Ritual of going out into town and surrounding yourself with crowds of drunken happy people..gets a little tedious after a while…not to mention…expensive….it seems like a wine on queens day is worth 2,50 when you are poured about a euro’s wrth. sjah. anyone is better off bringing their own booze and their own food unless you wanna settle for unhealthy oily fries which will cost you 3 euros and get our hungry after an hour again. Altho…there seemed to be some hippy types around selling their own stuff…. (i’d support them over the commercial vendors anytime).

This year the NDSM werf had an event of their own…MAKE YOUR OWN Q-DAY..which we thought was awsome.There was music, good, activities, games, little booths where we could buy stuff…challenges….”lounge’ areas too! Just a chill place to hang out. One thing tho…drinks were a little on the pricey side but hey ..it was an open event..so hell..bring your own poison …i say. =)

One of the awesome bands of the day was “Einstein barbie” …very strange, groovy, jazzy, bluesy, modern yet ..retro type music…and the vocalist was awesome….they reminded me a bit of the strange astro type girlband in the film “Yes, man” one of my faves)

These are some impressions of the day.



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