I was hired to shoot for a REVLON ad for their upcoming LAUNCH party…….how awesome is that ? =)

Our shoot was early March 2011…been so anxious to show one of the photos… so i’m very happy the ad is finally out !!! can’t wait to show the other photos..all in due time )

The photos will be published soon. here’s the first one used on a flyer for an upcoming event. Oh how i wish i were there!!!! i was asked to shoot the event but since i’m not on the island…bummer..maybe next year =) I have so many things to do here in the Netherlands…I wish i could clone myself so i can be in two places simultaneously…


anyhoes…..check it out…

My sister will be one of the make up artists!!! Along with the very talented Magali Beauvue!! The fashion show will include clothing and swimsuits form very cool shops on Sint Maarten!! don’t miss out =)

After the fashion show…there will be free makeovers… ladies…enjoy!!!!!!!!!


REVLON AD - Sint. Maarten - Photo by Sarina Gito

REVLON AD – Sint. Maarten – Photo by Sarina Gito


2 thoughts on “REVLON!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hey Sarina, was such a pleasure working with you on this job, I only can only describe you in 1 word gurl you are “AMAZING”!!!! Keep shinning babes.

    Definitely wish you were here 😦

    P.s soooo excited to have Suzy strut her stuff on Friday 😀

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