The Sweetest Pit Bull I Know.

She loves cats. She plays with them and licks them up. and they love it .

Pit Bulls are NOT at all “bad” dogs, MANKIND turns them into killing machines. A dogs instinct is just that..instinct. and thus cannot be condemned when their owner (the one responsible) makes mistakes.

On the island, ‘fighting pit bulls’ seems o b a trend hence why we see many ‘criminals, street boys and losers among others with these dogs. They actually use them for show..but they don’t LOVE this bred for the right reasons if they at all ‘love’ them. It burns me up inside to see these dogs ‘hanging’ with their owners. burns me up. Thankfully not all pit bull owners do this…My brother owns pitbulls..always has…but he genuinely loves them and takes care of them. it is a difference. oh yes and he doesn’t ‘fight’ them.

of course..the police (using that term for them is really not ideal so let’s just say ..uniformed pigs” do nothing about these acts even when it is reported. they have so much work to do in their whore-houses and cheating on their wives so hey ..we understand don’t we? *sure*

The police do NOTHING. and people think this bullsh*t is ok. I’d love to see their reactions if one day we manhandled their children (all ages), gathered them up and threw them in a ring to fight one another to the death. How would mothers and fathers feel? not good right? I would hope not.

Animal Abuse is NOT OK!


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