Photography for 2 GREAT CAUSES!!!

EXPO 2011

ABOUT THE COVEEach year there is a season of dolphin killing, this season begins every September. Dolphins in the cove in Taiji Japan are manipulated during their natural travel routes and forced to their doom, this place of death is referred to as “The Killing Cove” . It has this name for a reason. Hundreds of dolphins per day are forced into this cove and are slaughtered by little pathetic men on small fishing boats, the attractive ‘sellable’ dolphins/porpoises are selected to be sold to Marine Parks ALL OVER THE WORLD, while others are rounded up and murdered. Some are killed and collected for their meat, others bleed to death while fighting for their lives, trying with all of their might to get away from these horrible people. They literally bleed to death and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Their vain. Their vain. All due to the selfish ways of mankind.Their meat is filled with mercury and fed to the Japanese people, especially their children, slowly poisoning them, it is provided to schools where home made lunches are not allowed. It is apparently legal to slowly poison children. All of this, while most japanese people are unaware! How sneaky and malicious is that?There are huge corporations, which profit from this million dollar industry as mentioned above, this is part of why the japanese government does not react. they ignore the efforts of volunteers, sometimes using aggression, violence and death threats.We need to say NO to Dolphin shows. We must say NO to marine parks which allow the swimming with dolphins. These animals have no voice. Their smiles are deceiving, they are nowhere near happy in captivity. These places provide entertainment for the family. Little do these families know of the horror, of what goes on behind the scenes. Your children would not be happy with the images and the screams of these dolphins. It is heart wrenching and heart breaking and there is no way in this world that I can believe that a human being with a heart can care about the starving child in Africa or the AIDS victim..but cannot lend an ear or eye to these slaughters in Taiji japan. It is beyond me to believe that we are such a cruel people, a selfish people, to be aware and still ignore the causes. If there is no demand there will be no need to supply; we can stop the selling of dolphins to marine parks by saying NO to them. Educate yourselves and your children. Knowledge truly is power!!September is the start of a brand new season of killing. Sign the petitions.Spread the word. Find out what you can do.END THE SLAUGHTER ABOUT THE HOMELESS CATS & DOGS ON SINT MAARTENEvery year the island is threatened by hurricanes. The homeless animals which fall victim to these events do not come out survivors, and if they do, they are usually injured. It takes time, money and effort to help these animals. Those that are not found to be assisted are left to suffer. There is no reason for this. There are hundreds of homeless dogs and cats, yet we have our pet stores, still providing people with high bred dogs and other pets which are just accessories for people to entertain their kids, when these kids tire of their ‘new pets’ The animals are then left to walk the streets, neglected. This is meaningless and is a pure act of neglect and selfishness. Pet shops should be banned until this situation is under control. There are tons of dogs and cats ready for adoption. I really wonder sometimes if these animals were children….if people would react the same. If a person cannot take proper care of an animal, what kind of parent can they truly be.There are so many people who care about causes which support the prevention of diseases, homeless people, starving children but these same people have no care in the world for ‘caring’ about the homeless animals which are no different to human beings. You cut them, they bleed. They have characters. If we are superior, we should be aware of this.It amazes me that we can have our posh nightclubs, casinos, hotels and silicone societies, while this all continues to happen on the island. Everyone seems to turn a blind eye to the truth. They see what they want to see. It is an act of pure selfishness, laziness and neglect. It is ignorant. It is unnecessary. and can be so easily prevented.

There are a handful of people who try to control the problem by spading and neutering these homeless animals to prevent the creation of more offspring, some are treated with medical care, others are put down because their situation is critical.This all takes time, money and energy. It takes HEART.There are people willing to help these animals, but it is impossible to do with out financial help, medicine costs money, so does food. The same way we as human beings must pay for our medicine and food and water and shelter. Think about it. It’s a new year. make a new change. Think karma. Think prevention being better than cure.


2 thoughts on “Photography for 2 GREAT CAUSES!!!

  1. This is truly sad..protect the animals, especially cats and dogs, they are the best animals to have for companionship when one becomes an elderly. Cats especially lowers blood pressure….. if you have one pet give it lots of love and attention besides they can also feel when something bad is going to happen….before a storm, an earthquake or hurricane… they always act different. I have experienced this with my cats, just pay attention to their meow or the way the run up and down for no reason, they act scared and always have their mouths open. So please treat them with love, they deserve it, and you will get a lot of love back.

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