Dare to be…


Took this selfie yesterday..in my efforts of posting a new selfie everyday…=)

I actually forgot to upload or well didn’t forget ..i just ..had loads of fun with my best friend and red wine LOL… dang i love that woman… Another self portrait for my 365. =) I promised myself to be more adventurous with the ‘full body’ type pics..I think i’m getting the hang of exuding this certain confidence one needs to have to get the right image. yay me. *pats self on back* i am quite proud of this one =) and no it is not photoshopped ..just retouched..i am actually in a closet =)

Oh and i played with make up yesterday…very happy with the results of that. so about this portrait.. i threw on my lil tiger print bra (u will see the details in another shot) ..some wicked shiny heels ..and decided hmm let’s try this full body thing…..an hour and lighting set up later….this is my result..(one image of many to come) I personally consider this one of my best self portraits. I love it. and the caption is very true ..i am daring..to be daring..=) I promised myself in late 2010 that i would produce more self portraits including my entire body..as I was and still am quite insecure about showing myself this way.

IT’s not just a self portrait to me..it’s a challenge..a risk..to see myself as a grown woman and as a sexy one at that. I once had a very very low self esteem due to some incidents in the past including a very mentally and verbally abusive ex boyfriend..and i am still a tad bit traumatized today ..but i am slowly ..escaping from that idea ..slowly venturing out into this world of security and self. I have my other half, Maurice, to thank for that.

I sometimes wonder why it took me so long (7 years) but this process…it’s a slow one..the damage is done in a few minutes..recovery takes years ..obviously. I also believe that there is a time and a place..for everything..and moments are nowhere near excluded from that concept. Self Exploration….it is bitter sweet..but i do love it when i use it creatively and produce an image i can be proud of =)

Another thing..i should mention about the brainstorming for this and thoughts behind it..i wanted to create more images..that were sexy but not slutty…i would like to broaden my fan base..get more exposure ..without showing bare ‘tits and ass’ as so many female photographers do ..and some succeed beautifully while others just come off as well..not tasteful at all…in this industry..i am one of those who believe that it is a ‘easy way’ of getting hits, comments and fans among other things. the so called ‘art’. don’t get me wrong..some things are amazing….but not all of it is.. I wanted to show that ..i refuse to show bare “tits & ass” JUST to get attention.

I think this whole idea of empowering women is not about the bare necessities but rather ..the concept of less being more. This i think is true empowerment… ladies….don’t sell yourselves short…no one buys the cow when the milk is for free… altho in the industry ..it’s so different lol..they will buy your cow anyway..if that cow are your pictures – filled with bare tits lol… it’s a choice one makes…maybe one day i will feel differently..

but til then I believe as Chanel says “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

not bare and naked.

Dare to Be - The Coming Out


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