2011…Bring it ON.

It’s basically 2011 already….this is going to be one of my last self portrait sets of the year ..2010!! it’s been a long and winding road..but an eye opening one…growth..appreciation and being grateful for all of my ups and especially my downs…I’m stronger…

I’m most grateful as well..for another year of life (yeah me? yeah i’m getting older so things appear differently) another year of love ..from my maurice…they keep trying but they won’t ever take you away from me..i’ll rip their hearts out first. Another year of having met incredibly beautiful people…and embracing and enjoying my existing friendships..the ones who are there for the moments and forever..thank you. I am also grateful for my models (u know who u are) i got a lil surprise for you all …soon soon..everything is taking so long with shipping..bah humbug. This portrait represents to me..strength..empowerment..that which i have given myself..the best way i know how…bring on 2011.

2010DEC29 – 002

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