Windward Islands Bank Christmas Dinner 2010 – Sint. Maarten

As some of you may or may not know my sister has been an employee of the Windward Islands Bank on Sint. Maarten (20 years now) wow.

Every year the bank holds a Christmas dinner…this year I am on the island so I attended and took the opportunity to take a few portraits of her colleagues. I was quite flattered to take one pic of my sister and have a queue of people waiting for me to photograph them ……THANK YOU!! I WAS really bummed tho that the lighting was so non would have beennice to have a bitof light so I could see what i was doing….maybe next year ..a few photo booth? and as your photographer? *hint hint* i know i can why not.

I have posted a few images to my FB Page but the full sets you can find here.

If you are iterested in prints. I am currently awaiting my test batch ..when it comes in I will have proofs to show you sizes and show you all my price list.

All images are retouched to make you look more amazing than you already do. Sometimes we all need a lil ‘touch up’ to speak…:P and I believe that if you are gonna pay your hard earned money for should be because it makes you feel great about yourself.

In other words…you should get your money’s worth. =)  This is why I do what I do… how I do it. It is my income but also my passion.

Want to contact me??

I am still taking on bookings on Sint. Maarten…please let me know what you’d like done and what dates you are available..I will then see when i have availability and match the dates for possibilities.

Thanks for reading…enjoy the images. 🙂

* Comments are always welcomed and appreciated!!!  and if you want to latest updates…SUBSCRIBE!!!

More images to come….


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