Rescued!!! save a life ..don’t buy one!

So a little something that’s been on my mind for a while now….

this post is not so much about photography as it is about animal rights, cruelty and the homeless animals situation on Sint Maarten.

My apologies if you are someone who thinks it is uncalled for to include this kind of blog in my ‘photography blog’ but so be it. If i can expose this and make people aware, then i will. if you don’t want to read. you can close the browser  who would have thought THAT was possible right? =)

These cats were a result of people being too cheap and too ignorant not to get their pets neutered. The ONLY reason for bringing them to the veterinary clinic on Sint Maarten (where they kill the animals after 2 weeks) was because they were unexpected babies. a shame. We took them in and they are so lovable,  sweet and loyal. they were lucky but many of these abandoned kitties are not. Please Neuter and spade your pets to prevent this kind of unnecessary killing of lives.

Furthermore, (and this is directed especially to people on Sint Maarten) If you are thinking of getting a pet. please GET THEM FOR THE RIGHT REASONS. children tend to TIRE of animals as they get older and what happens then as we have all witnessed on the island? parents dont take care of these pets…so they end up on the street… and because they are NOT neutered, they get more babies…and so these animals end up homeless on the street…what happens to them during a hurricane? most people don’t think about that ..of course not right? they’re animals!! who cares!!!

apparently..very few people on Sint Maarten ‘care’ about this issue. which is a shame because it’s simply an act of ignorance and neglect. not to mention..selfishness.

I personally think that we should fight for the right to request no more pet shops on the island of Sint Maarten considering the mount of homeless animals out there who need homes and love, at least until the situation is a bit ‘controlled’.  They did not ‘ask’ for that life, mankind did that to them, so i find it only fair that ‘mankind’ also be part of the solution.

Those of you who have  a heart and a brain and actually use them..kudos to you .

Ozzy, Pixie and Kanye are all alive and well at my former home on Sint. Maarten with their Auntie Suzy (my sister) ..i miss them SO much…

a rescued animal will ALWAYS love and be grateful and loyal for your kindness. think about it. save a life ..don’t buy one!

Pixie - Rescued from Euthanasia - December 2010 Sint Maarten

Pixie - Rescued from Euthanasia - December 2010 Sint Maarten


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