Studio Stella Weekend – Behind The Scenes

Just a few behind the scene shots from our weekend at Studio Stella in Maastricht. The studio and dwelling of cosmo friend and twin and fellow photographer Ruben Reehorst. We had an amazing weekend..lots of work..i think it took me almost a week to recuperate from all the backpains from shooting ALL weekend nonstop.

in total i think i did 18 different shoots, whether it be with the same models or different..but it was all worth it…altho right now i’m still busy with edits and i am unable to go thru work so quickly but ..the photos are underway…i haven’t forgotten ANY of you..(how can i ? ) lol..the pressure and stress and guilt of having yet to =do those photos is there. i am hoping i get some time in the upcoming days while on the island…

Alot is going on at the moment..and due to my lack of time and the coming of new projects and photoshoot requests whether paid or’s all very hectic…

so i’m trying to get done what i can.

Thanks again all of you who took part in the studio stella project. definitely worth the long drive and all the packing up and squeezing in the car …:P

Anything for that shot…that magic shot..and of course the company and networking which comes with.


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