Photo Shoots on Sint Maarten 2010

The end of 2010 is nearing..and this time I’m on the island. I have been here since december 5th, 2010. It’s been hella busy ..not with photo-shoots or editing so much but more with settling in again to island far I’ve gone to Tantra ( in Tantra?)…yeah thanks to my sis..cuz that scene ain’t my scene but it’s good fun to watch everyone else having brings back memories of when I hung out with certain friends who did that scene…my life has the direction of my beloved metal and rock music…always has been and is now more than ever what I am into. =) I like Katy Perry tho..she’s cool….she inspires me =)

Anyways getting to the time is money . I’m on the island. I’m still taking bookings.

BOOKING: Please contact me. Email:

Late Fees: I have been advertising announcing that I would be on the island since August 2010. and so far I have my bookings all made..but I do have spaces left…my booking deadline has passed so now there is also a late fee attached.

TFP: ..I’m not doing any TFP shoots right apologies. These are hard times and as most of you know this is my one and only income..and mortgages are expensive…life is expensive….but atleast when you pay get your money’s worth and you enable me to further my profession. I invest my profits right back into my career…to become better ..and more educated in the field and best of return to the island a bit more often…when I’m not working all around Europe.

Assistance: I requested assistance some time back. but the spaces have been filled. Thank You Reckets!

Make Up Artists & Hair stylists: I have one awesome mua and hairstylist who is willing to help me out..but the more the better…it’s not just a shoot thing but also..if i can help you me..why not!!!??

we’re all in it to create amazing things right? It’s not now I have been trying to gather MUA’s and hair stylists for shoots on the island. Please get at me. Pay or Compensation Guaranteed.

More on TFP: I am willing to do what I refer to as selective TFP..meaning i will shoot with you but you get a few images and if you’d like can purchase them. As I always say..i don’t cost an arm and a leg..and if u think i do..please consider the work I do and the quality i deliver. =) I ONLY offer this to you if i think you can help my portfolio.

Delivery: 1 – 2 weeks. if it will take me any longer due to circumstances..I will let you know ASAP.

Images: They are all retouched. You make your own selection. You get a certain number of images and if you’d like more …you can order for a small fee.

CD or Digital? Due to the environmental situation…I am against the use of CD’s/DVD‘s especially since the BP OIl Spill recently. I do not condone or support the company ‘British Petroleum” and i am aware that they produce the materials used in making CD’s and DVD’s …So you get all of your images digitally.

Prints: Due to past experiences with clients. I unfortunately do not offer prints anymore. Should you really want prints…then it can still be arranged but DO keep i mind..I reside in Holland…my life is a very busy one..I travel constantly and am always busy. When i am not busy with my profession. I am a fulltime housewife. So please keep in mind. if you want images printed …please give me your selection within two weeks OR I will cancel the printing for good. I don’t want to be mean or anything BUT time is money and in my case..I would like to not have a build up or a delay due to lack of cooperation.

Designers/Store Owners: YES!! I want to work with you!!! please contact me.

Thanks for reading.

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