Exhibition 2011!!!

Hello all, As you may or may not have heard/seen…

I have been granted the OK to show my work at a huge gallery in the Caribbean on Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. February 2011. In order to finance the entire project I am looking for donations and sponsorship. If you can help me out in any way, it will be appreciated tenfold..

The exposition is to take place in the Caribbean in February 2011.  A percentage of the proceeds made from my exhibition will be donated to a local charity involving the aid of homeless animals on the island providing them a home, love, companionship, clean water and food.  You would have helped me in making a part of my big dream come true not to mention my CAREER!!! not to mention one of my beloved charities on the island for the betterment of the treatment of animals on Sint Maarten/ St. Martin. and of course I will give special mention to all those who have helped me out with this. Business which partake in this event will get full advertisement and promotion space.

My birthday is ALSO coming up 28 november. so feel free to also make birthday donations. all the funds i collect are going towards my exhibition.

If you would like to invest in this exhibition: meaning you get a share of my sales based on your investment.

Feel free to contact me: info@sarinagito.com

This is your chance to do some Caribbean networking and get credit for your efforts. I always promote and credit the people who help me out.

“Scratch my back and I’ll Scratch Yours”  Looking Forward, =)

Thank u for taking the time to read this.


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