Studio Stella Weekend

Weekend at Studio Stella. The group pic taken on the last day of shooting. 17-10-2010. missing from the pic are many people. including our fabulous make up artist Marthe and some fabulous models who could not make it on sunday.
Thank you my cosmic twin Ruben for allowing us all to crash your house and invite my crazy model friends and mr nutcase genius Lisandro.
Thank you to all the wonderful models for standing victim to some of our mad ideas lol.
Thank you Cassie for being an awesome stylist…i still want to use ur evening wear ..maybe november =)
Thanks to our amazing make up artist Marthe…for being amazing and staying until the shoots were over on saturday (eventho i went on until 2:30)
Thanks to fellow photographer and island bud Lisandro …thank u for are my creative bouncing ball…i love your ideas, your craziness and your energy….u truly do inspire me. I’m so happy you took part in this.
Thanks to my soulmate Maurice for being incredibly awesome..driving up and down and taking days off work just for this event and for hauling my lights everywhere in that house hehehehe.
and thank you ME  – yes i am thanking myself – for finding the energy to stay awake and keep going. I surprise myself sometimes.
it was FABULOUS!!!!
more of these group pics to come. but right now..i’m heading to couchland to join my other half and the kiddos.
Weekend @ Studio Stella

Part of the entire crew...what was left on sunday that is =)


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