The Unexpected !

So…I had this shoot planned out on Saturday …the idea was to shoot a very pretty brown skinned girl with long black hair at Scheveningen beach…turns out due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control…especially mine … 😛  we had to cancel..however..i had one creative photographer with me =) Lisandro.

So after we realized we had no model…and no location….:( we decided to try and rescue the day by making some last minute arrangements. Fortunately…talented model Nina had the time and was willing and able to shoot that day. So we jumped in the car and drove to Utrecht where we could team up and get the show on the road.

It was an awesome experience working with Lisandro and Nina for the first time, it sure won’t be the last time.

I am blessed to have met two very talented people…a photographer and model who both inspire me tenfold. I love it. =)

Scroll down for some teaser shots as well as some fun “behind the scenes” shots….

Thank you all so much for the time, the laughs and the cooperation!!Our best model poses

Wanna Be on Top? (Group Photo - Our Best Model Poses)

Steal the show ..Lisandro!!

Full of Energy =)

mr man running with the fabric.......what an awesome entertainer..ehem..assistant.

Gotta make sure that fabric is perfect for running with....

And a sneak peek…

More to Come =)


Lisandro Suriel

Nina on ModelMayhem


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