ArtistsWanted Update: People’s Choice Award

I didn’t win. bummer.

BUT  I successfully made it to #2 in the TOP 25 PORTFOLIOS out of the thousands of photographers/designers/artists who took part. How awesome is that ?

I also won some extra cash prizes which i gave away to a friend in New York (also a very talented female photographer) as the coupons/vouchers/discounts/offers  are of no use to me in Europe, another bummer BUT!! that’s not what it was about. I am so grateful to have taken part, I learned a lot and i’ve enjoyed the overwhelming feeling of getting the support i did from my hometown of Sint Maarten located in the Dutch West Indies (The Caribbean) as well as from all my friends and supporters around the world, especially the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Slovenia!!

I’m also the ONLY participant from Sint Maarten who took part. WOOOOT WOOOT!!! So proud of myself. Of course…. I would have loved LOVED LOVED to go to New York and even more so have a show in Manhattan but…maybe next time!!

Here is the link where you can see my work coming in 2nd place. Congrats to the winner and the chick who got #1…

Sometimes i truly wonder if showing some tits and ass in my images will gain me more attention and exposure. but to be very honest..i’m not a sellout. not that artists who choose to do so ARE sellouts BUT it’s not me and it is most definitely not the way i want to be recognized.

(update july 2011 – unfortunately this link no longer works)

To those of you who voted and did promotion for me by asking your friends and family to support my cause…THANK YOU TONS!!!! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART..THANK U SO SO SO MUCH FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND TRYING TO HELP ME IN MY CAREER. I LOVE YOU. THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!!!


My Intro on the Artists Wanted Website

My Entries for the Artist Wanted "Exposure" Calling


2 thoughts on “ArtistsWanted Update: People’s Choice Award

  1. =) Thanks Sailesh…out of thousands of people..the exposure i have received…and the private emails informing me how great my work is…it is a win all in itself. =) on to the next one =)
    thanks for commenting and voting. X

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