LastDayHere @ MC Heracles, Retie Belgium

As some of you may or may not know…I am fortunate to be a close friend of the slovenian metal band LastDayHere…I’m proud to say that since 2008 I have been an official part of their crew and photographer..I love working with far we have had one studio shoot….(unfortunately I cannot yet release any of those photos just yet… can see one of them tho on my facebook page in my published album) link here —>

These images were on my face-book page and some are still on my flickr photostream, but due to my cleaning up and re-organizing my face-book page i have moved them all here for your viewing pleasure. These images were taken at the LastDayHere performance in Retie Belgium at the MC Heracles Bikerfest.

It was an awesome evening with awesome people. Awesome Band!!! Superb Energy.

Don’t miss the next gig. Check the lastdayhere facebook page, website and/or myspace page for details, locations and dates.


All text and images, unless otherwise noted, are subject to international copyright laws and are the property of Sarina A. Gitoroemakso © 2010. No photograph may be reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without the written permission of Sarina A. Gitoroemakso. All Rights Reserved.

If you would like to use my images please ask for permission. It is most likely that u get a yes. using without permission is ILLEGAL.

Please..respect my Copyright.

And some snapshots that were initially on my Facebook Fan Page.

Maurice and This awesome dude who looks like lebowski! BikerGuy!

Awesome People. Mohor, Sandra and My Hubby

Natalie doesn't like beer.

Uros: such a ladies man!

Long days and Long Nights....makes Tadej pull funny faces. Life on the road with LDH!


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