Curvy Spring Shoot w/ Model Anushka Bella

The Shoot

So..spring in the Netherlands was around the corner when we decided to do this shoot. Model Anushka Bella with whom I have shot before (in the studio) was more than willing to help me satisfy my hunger for shooting under natural light. We started shooting around 15:00 (i think)…and ended around 17:00 2 hours of fighting with the sunshine and winds because as some of you know, Spring in the Netherlands comes included with high..cold winds..and the teasing of sunshine. However, at the end of the day, the images we got were along the lines of what we wanted. It was a bit of a battle with the sunshine (and the reflector as i held it between my toes at some point) This contributes to the reason why I had many shots which I could not use, despite what editing can do in Photoshop. Doesn’t Matter. Sometimes..getting the right shot on the spot what it truly is about. This is what i strive for more than ever, as spending hours after hours behind the not at all so much fun when you been doing it for years.

Anyways, we had a change of four (4) outfits and I applaud her for being able to do that in the cold winds and in public…:P but she’s a tough one..going the extra mile. if only all the models I have worked with could have that kind of attitude…it would make my job somewhat easier.

When we were done, we looked through the images and were quite pleased with the results. A bit of editing..some color correction here and there..adjustments of shadows and some other stuff (which I don’t care to share here..because like magicians..we professional photographers have our own little secrets).

Conclusion:  The Photo Shoot —> a success (despite some minor difficulties with our lovely dutch weather).   =)

The Model

This was (as i mentioned above) the second time i shot with Model Anushka Bella. She is a plus sized model whose greatest motivation is to spread the word and image that not only thin is beautiful. Curves are real, scrumptious and natural. Anushka was born and raised on Sint. Maarten (also my hometown and where I grew up) and she is half Dominican, another spicy mix from the Caribbean, our melting pot at its best.

Shooting with Anushka is always fun. from the get go it has been…..well……laughs and her giggles…..makes me giggle…. She has a way of adapting to any situation…as Anushka usually says. “I will go the extra mile…..anything for the shot” and as a professional photographer doing this for years now… I absolutely agree!!! (there are limitations of course…but this is the model mentality I enjoy working with)

An intelligent, driven, beautiful, talented, curvy!! and vivacious young woman who I certainly support 100% . She is open-minded (allowing for criticism both negative and positive..and does not let that stop her but rather motivate her to truly show her full potential. A young woman with a sense of logic and a hard-working get the job done..and surprise herself. I’m incredibly proud of Anushka for keeping a good head on her shoulders and believing in herself.

To top it all off…..she does her own hair and make-up.

If you would like to work with Model Anushka Bella you can contact her via the following links:
Anushka Bella on ModelMayhem

Anushka Bella on FaceBook

Official Facebook Fan Page – Anushka Bella

(please send a message and mention that you found her contact info via my blog if you intend on contacting her – Thank You)

Enjoy the images!

Check the slide-show beneath for more photos from this photo shoot.


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