Little Alley Baby =)


Little Alley is getting sooo big…she’s off the bottle..and has made friends with the other 10 cats in the house. she sleeps, eats and plays with all of them, they have also taken her in as one of their own..they clean her up and watch out for her when she is playing..amazing.. So happy that she has found her new family with us…poor little thing was found a few weeks ago dirty and malnutritioned in an ‘alley’ in the busiest part of sint maarten..our ‘city’ of Philipsburg
thank god that we are not like the other cruel and heartless people who live here. passing a tiny kitten crying her heart out for food… and doing NOTHING…..
people amaze me sometimes…sometimes it is in a good way but when it comes to this..i really have no words…i cannot imagine leaving a life like this …to suffer..left to its cruel fate…
no-matter my situation..i cannot ever turn a blind eye to an animal that needs my help…and my love..they can’t speak..but they speak very much so with their eyes….
she’s a happy camper…

meet Alley Gitoroemakso

my adopted baby on the island…

along with Kanye, Pixie and Ozzy.. (the 3 kittens we took in from euthansia in december) i am going to miss them SO much when i am gone..and i know for sure..they will miss me…they’re already very attached…:s breaks my heart to leave them…
but they have my sister… ” Auntie Suzy”……..she loves them as much as i do ……maybe even more =) (that’s my solace)


here are some shots of my newest baby….

The quality is not amazing….apologies for that …as most are taken with a blackberry ..and others are screenshots off of skype….



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