The planning for my photo-shoot with Judy began before my trip to Sint. Maarten in 2009. The original idea was to have a mother & daughter shoot with her little girl but when time came to shoot…Judy’s lil princess was not we did a mommy shoot instead.
We first wanted to shoot near the beach areas of Cupecoy but due to some nudist and exhibitionist types who have literally taken over the beaches in that area..we were forced to go elsewhere to shoot. After getting some shots at the beach and on the rocks, we moved on to the mullet bay area and believe it or not…it was then that we struggled with the weather. One would think..ah Sint. Maarten sun …sand…fun…great weather…psshhh…it began getting dark and rainy..and so our shoot was cut short due to rain. We did however manage to get as many shots as possible in the end and yet another outfit change which turned out quite well. Shooting with Judy was easy and pleasant.

Judy is a former ballet dancer and dang it showed. her legs and body movements, poses, structure are amazing and her body language..excellent. Another model whom i enjoyed working with and hope to work with again. 🙂

Enjoy the pics.


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