Best Gift EVER!!! Great beginning to a New Year!

So..I have always wanted a studio..I never had the time or money to set up a proper studio in my dwellings…if i didnt have the money for was that i did not have the time to go find or build one..and if that wasn’t the issue was that i did not have the space..and if i had the space..i did not have the FREEDOM to build a studio in “my” apartment much less bring people in and out for shoots…despite them being friends!!! so ..when i had the chance i’d use lamps and such and be creative with the space i had ..and hope it would work out.

It apparently did because when i was finished with my self portraits…i was asked at which studio i managed to do that..or would be asked ‘where is the studio u rented?” , or ..”how much was it to rent the studio” many people knew i did not have the space at ome to havemy own studio.

Anyhoes…5 years of being mighty patient with myself, roommates, school, jobs, time and money…I finally date the love of my life..we move in together…he respcts and supports my profession 100% and so the interest of all that decides to buy me my own studio !!!!!!!

So now..i have a home studio at home..where i live with my adorable of my life..i can’t believe i found a good (sorry girls..he’s an only child..bummer huh? there shud be more men like this in the world) anyhoes….

even cuter…he surprises me with a studio…and it gets delivered on Christmas eve!!! How awesome is that ? So ..all excited..i wake up xmas day and run into the livingroom in my pj’s to play with my studio. maurice helps me build it up (i am also lucky that he is a professional product photographer who knows basically all there is to know about studio setups!! ) and voila…minutes later..i got my studio…and it’s working..and we’re taking photos.

life is grand. I have gone through such tribulations..struggles with myself..former boyfriends…mentally abusive relationships and so many ‘ story of my life’ tales..dont get me wrong..i have had FUN too =)  but it’s been such a rollercoaster ride. There are no regrets..maybe a small few..but it’s petty when i think and realize what i have now…NOW as in right NOW..the present day!!!!!!

I have been rewarded for being such a good girl. For being loving. for being me.

Patience, Practice and Passion…my 3 famous words when asked about photography..but it also applies very much to life!!

I’m looking sooo forward to studio shoots!!!

enjoy the pics =)

Maurice & I being nutty in our new home - first set of test shots

Home Made Snacks =) Mini Toasts, cream cheese and brie with fresh basil..mmmmm taken with the studio lights of course =)

Happy New Year 2009 - Our 1st NY's moment..of many more to come. This was taken at the stroke of midnight, we are laughing because we didn't know whether to kiss each other a happy new year first OR take the picture haha so i think we did both all at once and we got this. I never believed in love stories until i began living one.


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