The “First” Photo Shoot (technically)’s a bit difficult to determine which shoot was my very first photo-shoot, considering I began (seriously) shooting with Self Portraits in 2003. It was not instigated by vanity or seeking attention but rather i just wanted some cute avatars/profile pics for my MSN messenger and I thought instead of about I take several webcam shots of myself with different expression…:p so i did. (or maybe i was just horribly bored and fell in love with the way I could shape/control my lips…yah..erm..nevermind..:P )

After experimenting with the webcam and option here qua pixels and ish !!!! I turned to my trusty little Olympus Digital Cam..(man i loved that thing) and started experimenting with some more Self Portraits (with more pixels…yay).

I still have that wonderful little gadget however, it sprung a spring some years ago and doesn’t work the way it should anymore and surprise surprise i have been advised by my dealer to purchase a new one and not bother repair it. Yeah…that’s definitely an option..and very environmentally friendly might I add. Maybe one ay i find some where where i can have it repaired. I had a way of creating any blur effect I wished to. Dang I miss it. ah well.

After i purchased my first SLR in 2004, i began making use of it and the results are what we come to today. I have pretty much sort of mastered the self portrait thing (even if i do say so myself). Creating self portraits always came natural and at all sorts of hours in the morning which i guess was handy considering i worked form 17:00 to 4am sitting in a bus and thinking up different things was pretty easy. Those who know me quite well will say “sarina’s always been creative” ..I never thought so until i did the math years later and finally figured out what they meant. I am…creative..who’d have thought? 🙂

The future of my self portraiture…… I need one little piece of equipment to REALLY take the type of self portraits I am fantastizing about making. Sky is the limit. 🙂 and even when i read it..i won’t stop. 🙂

So..stay tuned for those.


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