Shoot w/Suby

In the summer of 2007 I met photographer Suby via a photo blogging site……Suby works as a team with his talented wife Sinem. They are both photographers based in England (…and I had the chance to shoot with Suby on TFP basis while on visit to my best friend in london 2007/2008.

It was a little strange posing for a photographer other than myself hehe but very educational and beneficial. Suby gave me quite a few pointers and a little needed confidence to believe in myself and my work. I am forever grateful. I still prefer to be on the other side of the camera tho…lol…being a model is hard work..and i’m extremely critical of others photographing me..cuz of course i know my best angles and not every photographer can truly ‘capture’ that of yourself which you love most..aka not every photog can create ‘flattering’ photos of their models. Having said that..i think Suby did a good job. here are some of my favourite shots from our shoot.

I did my own make up..and styling was a cross between Suby and Myself.

oh yes and another important detail…

i was sick with the flu or something while in London (I thought i was gonna die!!!! i titled my experience…The Great Flu of 2008) ..i think at the time there was a really bad virus going around..some people died from it..and well..i was getting better and then i did this the COLD..we’re talking january in was FREEEZING but i did it anyways…hardcore!! It was worth my being in bed lazy with Ludi for another month lol in her London apartment..cuddling..watching movies…and ordering in like decadent little lazy bums…we also had some lovely fun trips to the corner pub in the neighbourhood…great memories (shud post some photos of back then soon)…dang i miss her being in Europe….

good times. =)

here are some of the shots from my shoot with photographer Suby….



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